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Nikecow SSAnd that was it. The server has shut down for the last time. Another thanks to all the great players and the wonderful community we have built. Do not dwell in the past but move on. The server may be dead, but your friends are still alive! Good luck everyone!
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XxJPTHEPOWNERxX Inactive  We had great times in this server, I loved the times when I started... My first real actually good and friendly server I could play in. Many helped, many wars, many fun. Its sad to see thus server go. I was on a lot between the 2 years, but then i barely played. I will miss K & M greatly. It's been nice being part of this community. Fare well
K & M. ;_)

XxJPTHEPOWNERxX Inactive  btw I know I'm late.
BigDip123 SS  GG
DrEbil SSR.I.P. Knights and Merchants, it has been a great long ride. From the first moment, as shown in te image, 'till the very last.

The buildings I have seen have been amazing, and so has the community.
Bad stuff happens but that is all in the past.
Remember the good things people...

Signing off, back to the Depths of Unknown
Dr. Ebil
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mikezilla101 SSThe Final Day. Enjoy it well friends. However, this forum is going to be kept active, and I'm in the beginning stages of planning some "next step" ideas for the community. Stay tuned.

The server will be gone, but that doesn't mean we aren't still a community.
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Nikecow SSIt is a sad day for K&M. Please read and reply here: [link]
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Nikecow SSIt seems that you can't use 1.7.8 clients on our server. You will have to keep playing on 1.7.5 to be able to join us.

Why don't we fully update to 1.7.8 ? Because 1.7.8 introduces an entirely new name system. Players are now identified by their UUID's instead of their names which will enable name changing of your MC account.

However, this messes up all kinds of plugins such as disguises, nametags and many of our custom scripts. We will fully update to 1.7.8 as soon as we can do this without any issues.
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I miss you guys too :D
Miss Ya'll!
the default essential worths are not well done at all. so am hoping to get a few of that sort of file from Nico or anyone that has em plz, even just for use for my BASE to edit and add to woudl be fantastic! am workign on fellowship modpack.
am looking for the worth's for K&M, as I actually started a server and then I decided hmm, I wonder how this world would be, and it worked, I logged in and was ME with all my things on me and my vault and chests full! but no regions set ;(
By Far, this is probably one of my most favorite threads. Gotta love the good ol' days. [link]
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