Nikecow SSIt is a sad day for K&M. Please read and reply here: [link]
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Nikecow SSIt seems that you can't use 1.7.8 clients on our server. You will have to keep playing on 1.7.5 to be able to join us.

Why don't we fully update to 1.7.8 ? Because 1.7.8 introduces an entirely new name system. Players are now identified by their UUID's instead of their names which will enable name changing of your MC account.

However, this messes up all kinds of plugins such as disguises, nametags and many of our custom scripts. We will fully update to 1.7.8 as soon as we can do this without any issues.
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Nikecow SSPVP during the night or all day? Please go here to vote: [link]
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Nikecow SSUpdating to 1.7.8 please be patient.
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Maie13   I hope my horse is ok. I was transporting her when the server went down. U_U
Nikecow SS  It is done. I've added a new anti fly pvp plugin. I hope it works well, let me know on the forums.
Nikecow SSServer should work fine now. Updated many plugins too. Please let me know about any issues.
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sityviper13123   i has an issue... its too awesome ;)
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goodbye KnM
add me on skype - GreenWombat5
Fan the Flame of K&M and save the server!
Wart, try updating your Winrar!
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